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Graduate Positions

Learning Opportunities

Residence Education and Housing Services Graduate Student Employees are afforded opportunities to apply theory to practice by gaining hands-on experience in supervision, student conduct, advising, emergency crisis response, training, selection and committee work. They also receive ongoing training and professional development opportunities, acquiring transferable skills that will carry over to future career opportunities.

REHS frames the work, training and professional development opportunities made available to students in Graduate Assistant positions based on the competencies of national associations such as NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), and the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I).

Application for 2015-16 will be opening soon! Please check back next week. 

  • Graduate Assistant for Outreach - 2014-2015 - Application Currently Closed

The Outreach Graduate Assistant (GA) is a half-time assistantship within Residence Education and Housing Services. Reporting to the Assistant Director for Outreach this position has primary responsibility for serving as an ambassador for the department and university. The GA for Outreach may be responsible for tour development, training, presentations, international outreach, outreach within academic departments, student organizations, and campus partners, high schools, parents (through social media) and communities primarily within the Michigan region.

  • Community Coordinator (Spartan Village) - Application Currently Closed

Community Coordinators in Spartan Village provide opportunities for residents to connect with one another through programs and outreach activities. The Community Coordinator in Spartan Village is a 12-month live in graduate or undergraduate student staff member in the Department of Residence Education and Housing Services. The Community Coordinator is responsible for assisting students with personal and academic concerns in Spartan Village. Additionally, the Community Coordinator shares duty coverage, initiative development, response to student concerns, and administrative responsibilities with other Spartan Village Community Coordinators.  This position is not a Graduate Assistantship. Community Coordinators receive a standard furnished, air-conditioned,  two-bedroom apartment in Spartan Village.  Community Coordinators must maintain a 2.75 Cumulative MSU grade point average during employment.

  • Assistant Community Director - 2014-2015 Positions - Aplication Currently Closed

The Assistant Community Director (ACD) position is a half-time live-in graduate assistantship within Residence Education and Housing Services.  Reporting to a full-time Community Director, ACDs are responsible for developing living learning environments coinciding with the mission and goals of Michigan State University.  ACDs are responsible for the general supervision of the Resident Assistant staff and supporting the building Community Director in the planning, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive community and student development program for a residence hall of 400 to 1200 undergraduate and/or graduate students. ACDs are responsible for staff supervision & training, student organization advising including group development, student contact and individual student development, and administrative and departmental responsibilities.  Applicants who receive this assistantship are assigned to a residence hall apartment and are required to live in as part of their job responsibilities.

  • Graduate Assistant for Assessment and Research - 2014-2015 - Application Currently Closed

The Graduate Assistant for Assessment and Research is a half-time assistantship within Residence Education and Housing Services. Reporting to the Associate Director for Residence Education, this position has primary responsibility in supporting and assisting the department with its assessment and evaluation needs and processes. The GA for AR is responsible for assisting with development and execution of evaluation tools, data entry and analysis.

  • Graduate Assistant for Safety and Security - 2014- 2015 - Application Currently Closed

GA is primarily responsible for serving as a support position for the Safety and Security Services Coordinator. This will be accomplished through training, policy and protocol review collaboration with the RHS Health and Safety Office and MSU Police. The Safety and Security Services Coordinator Graduate Assistant will assist with development of a risk management resource guide for student group programming at Michigan State University.  The GA will also assist with development and delivery of presentations and reports related to Safety and Security within our residential communities.  They will also assist with formulating strategic partnerships/collaboration between Residence Education and Housing Services, academics, staff and, students at Michigan State University for increased safety and security on campus.

  • Graduate Assistant for Human Resources - (position not vacant for 2014-15)

The Graduate Assistant for Human Resources is a half-time assistantship within Residence Education and Housing Services. Reporting to the Assistant Director for Human Resources, this position has primary responsibility in supporting and assisting the functions of the Human Resources unit.  The GA for HR is responsible for assisting with the selection and training of staff, and other human resources functions as needed.

Compensation and Benefits for Graduate Assistantships

Compensation varies depending on the nature of the position and may include:

  • A furnished apartment and meal plan (Assistant Community Director positions only)
  • Monthly stipend

All REHS Graduate Assistants qualify for:  

  • In-state tuition rates
  • Nine-credit tuition waiver per semester at the base MSU graduate credit rate (fall and spring semesters)
  • Matriculation fee waiver
  • Single-person health coverage paid for by MSU

Most Graduate Assistant positions are nine-month positions (fall and spring semesters). Summer employment opportunities may be possible.

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