How to Apply for the Graduate Assistant for Outreach Position:

How to Apply for Graduate Assistant for Outreach position:

1. Follow this link:

2.  Create an account:

Enter your name, PID, and email address
You will receive an email asking you to log in within 24 hours to receive account details
You will then receive another email with your log in info; follow instructions

3.  Enter your login info.

4.  Once logged in, click on Job Profile.  Complete this section first.

5.  Next, click on Job Postings; then click on the position you are interested in. 

6.  Read the important information on this page.

7.  Click the Apply Now button; fill out all of the information carefully. 

8.  Apply for one or all four of the Graduate Assistant Job Postings; you only will need to fill out your profile once, and then go to each job posting you are interested in and click the “apply now” button. 

Submitting Resume, Cover Letter and References

9.  Next, Click on Supporting docs.           

Please name your resume:  Resume - last name, first name:  Resume - Doe, Jane

Choose one of the three options given to provide your resume; hit Save Resume; then Save.

10.  Submit a Cover Letter and name:  Cover Letter – Doe, Jane

Address letter to: 

Mike Adam
Recruitment, Training and Selection Coordinator

219 Wilson Rd., Room G60
East Lansing, Mi 48825

11.  For Graduate Assistantships Positions:  You will need to provide contact information for three people to fill out a reference form.  Our system will only accept three references for any/all positions you apply for.  References will automatically receive an email asking them to complete the form when you hit submit. 

12.  Hit Submit… then read the important info on the page that comes up.

Check the box to indicate reading the declaration.

Hit the “submit” button in the bottom right corner.